About Us

About TCN

Established in 1992, Tanuku Communication Network (TCN) was started with a vision to provide the best in class cable connection to every home. We strive to reach every home and work place to connect people with information and entertainment services. Initially started with analog technology, TCN was a small operation with a great vision. At present the company has completely converted into digital technology which covers nearly 100Km in radius with two districts and 600 locations, making it one of the largest cable service provider in East and West Godavari. TCN is the first network in both East and West Godavari to be certified by BECIL and all the major broadcasters. TCN transmits 300 digital channels which includes 40 High Definition channels.

We use best in class fiber for our connections which outputs maximum signal strength. We use OFC series cables for all our main lines. OFC facilitates in strengthening signal strength and prevents loss of signals, this in return increases signal quality. Advanced OFC facilities are used to strengthen long distance signals from control room to end points.

In addition to cable services TCN also provides broadband services under the name Costal Broadband. Started recently the broadband services is rapidly increasing offering the best pricing in the area. In addition to this TCN also provides many local channels which carter to the area specific viewers.